We offer
  • Distribution and selling of hydraulic products like: Gear pumps, Piston pumps, Orbital or Gear motors, Module valves, Cartridge valves, Piston, Vane, Couplings, Flanges, Filters, Sensors, Fixtures, Hoses, Fast connections and other hydraulic components from worldwide hydraulic manufactures, where we have a focus of the High Quality and Short Delivery.
  • The building hydraulic machine and power packs from the high quality hydraulic products of worldwide manufacturers like: Danfoss, Turolla OpenCircuitGear™, ComatrolARGO HYTOS, OMT.
  • The hydraulic solutions from concept through production and assembly, to delivery and service with focus on the Reliability of daily operating.
  • The innovative solutions, which helps to decrease daily operating and maintenance cost of hydraulic systems. With these innovative hydraulic solutions our customers are saving the time and energy therefore they are improving the Operating Productivity.
  • Full technical support on the base our experience with the customized hydraulic tanks, filtration units, power pack and power units.
  • Programming of electronic system for hydraulic machine per customer request.
  • Warranty and after warranty service of hydraulic systems and components.
  • The full project documentation for each hydraulic machine.
  • Modernization of old hydraulic machine and power units.
  • Measurements and diagnostics of hydraulic systems.
  • Filtering of hydraulic oil and support for improvement cleanliness of oil.
  • Check the cleanliness of hydraulic oil

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